SO many bloggers, vloggers, mentors, coaches out there are ramping up their videos. So what’s holding you back to jump on yours? Perhaps a messy office? I get it, we are all hardworking ladies with a bazillion tasks to complete in the day and maybe rearranging your office to look picture perfect is not in the stars. To avoid having to hole up in a closet just to get a clear background, I have a solution. Imagine the kid who is stuffing everything in the closet to get that room looking per-fect clean. (That may have been me)

So when I was watching videos and getting distracted by a room in slight disarray, I thought about branding and how you could brand your background for almost FREE!


STEP 1: Open up your design software or if you don’t have one Canva ( is free.

STEP 2. Create document 36 x 30 (Staples is 24 x 36 and black and white only)

STEP 3. Navigate to your logo. (Black and white prints are half the cost)

*Tip: If you are placing on a background image you’ll want to use a .png logo (transparent background)

STEP 4. Design either a smattering of your logo (aka step and repeat) or upload a background image and place your logo in the corner.

STEP 5. Send to print at kinkos or staples. This print is considered an architectural print and runs around $10- $20 depending on black and white or color.

Here is a shot of how it is placed in my office. You would need to play with the distance between you and your computer.


Ta-da! You have pretty profesh background bargain basement pricing.

Need a jump start? Here are some template ideas you can create in canva. I will say less is more when it comes to these prints. I have not tried photographs so I can’t guarantee the quality these are meant to fulfill the needs of architectural renderings so patterns and textures of 1 -2 color will print better.