Jen is a hilarious host who interviews many inspirational leaders and business owners. She has a slew of kids and offers some great mother wisdom sprinkled in and lots of laughs!

Give Yourself the Gift of Done: Jon Acuff by For The Love With Jen Hatmaker Podcast

Jamie reminds me of Jen Hatmaker. She is funny and sweet and interviews many women with a spiritual undertone.

Happy Hour #182: Emily Thomas by The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

Amy is great at giving “to the point” quick tips. She is geared to those who are selling digital courses online but I find her talks applicable even if you aren’t selling courses.

7 Things You Must Do When Planning for 2019 (My Best Revenue Boosting Ideas) by Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

#229: The Power of the P.S. Strategy by Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

#203: How To Get Noticed Online When You’re Just Starting Out by Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Blair interviews those specifically in Health & Wellness and has some great women on her show.

Uniting Your Mind & Body to Manifest a Successful Business with Erin Stutland by Brand Yourself

Stef has a great podcast focused a lot on productivity, goals and business tips.

3 Easy but Awesome Tips for Getting More Done in Less Time with Elle Drouin (ep 89) by Courage & Clarity

I love Cathy Heller. I found her through another podcast and she has great interviews with a lot of female startup companies.

How to Choose Wonder Over Worry – Amber Rae by Don’t Keep Your Day Job

Who doesn’t love Oprah? I really needn’t say more 😂

Caroline Myss: Discovering Your Life’s Purpose by Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

Shannon has great energy and lovely spirit. His combination of speaking soul discussions and talking about moving your body with yoga and meditation are wonderful.

Alex Kip: Hope in 2018 by SoulFeed | Chats with influential leaders + inspiring life coaching

Marie is a powerhouse staple in many business women’s library. She has applicable and sound advice.

107 – How to Be Ambitious Without Stressing Out All the Time by The Marie Forleo Podcast

Gabby was a wonderful gift that I discovered in the beginning of my grief journey. I absolutely LOVE her quick meditations. They are saved to my phone and shared frequently. Although this podcast is older and she has moved on to other things I still use these meditations daily!

Morning Meditation by Gabrielle Bernstein


Dax is hilarious. I loved him in Parenthood and I love him on this show. Plus his IG account is killer. It’s fun to hear him interview other celebrities and get an authentic peek into their lives.

Seth Rogen by Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard


Norah is an amazing writer. I bought her book It’s okay to Laugh: (crying is cool too) This book is about a classmate of mine from college who died of a brain tumor. I never knew Nora but am connected in 6 degrees of separation through friends. Let’s just say the book might have been the funniest grief book I have read. The way she explains her journey is refreshing. However, I will warn you -the podcast is more “crying is cool too” It’s stories of those who have lost their husbands. 💔

1: In Love and Memory by Terrible, Thanks For Asking


I loved Cheryl Strayed book Wild and followed her over to her podcast here. It’s great when winding down for the night and listening to a sort of Dear Abby spin-off.

Dear Sugars by WBUR and The New York Times