I come from a medical background as my dad was a nurse in the ER and my mom a transcriptionist for oncology. Sitting at the dinner table, I would hear horrific, bloody, and gross stories of my parents’ daily activities. I vowed never to have a medical career. Fast forward to today, I have come to discover and appreciate the importance of good health and medical care as an adult and a parent.

My Mom’s Medical Experience Led Me to Alternative Medicine Branding

After my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer, the doctor gave her any good western medicine options. This was when I discovered eastern modalities.

She was diagnosed while working at Mayo Clinic. Once we knew we were at the end of the path without further treatment options at Mayo, we faced alternative medicine options.

We met with a dietitian and discovered acupuncture with our visit to the Florida cancer specialist, who offered acupuncture as a trial to see how it was helping chemo patients with their neuropathy. I went to her appointments with her and was in love with the healing art of acupuncture.

When you see your loved one in great chronic pain and seeing their pain relieved was a beautiful feeling. Even though my mother had this sensation for a short time, I found great solace in knowing she had a reprieve from her pain. This new experience opened my world to new options and considerations in healthcare. I realized that not only did I want to help people heal their bodies when they’ve exhausted other ways but also I wanted to find ways to prevent this nasty disease we call cancer.

I believe the mind-body and spirit, Christianity, eastern and western medicine can all live together. However, our modern society caters to marketing for Big pharma companies with budgets in the millions of dollars. Before big pharma, eastern, traditional, and grassroots medicinal methods were the staples of doctoring. Unfortunately, within the past 75 years, these traditional forms of healing have been pushed to the wayside after discovering antibiotics.

I decided to advocate for those who consider themselves healers and help move their message out to their potential tribe. Especially in a pandemic time of medicinal uncertainty, getting back to the basics and principles of traditional processes used long ago seems like the next plausible step in healing humanity. This is where the importance of branding can support the validity of your business, and methods fall into place!


Why Branding is Important for Your Alternative Therapy Practice

Eastern healers can have very authentic and magical practices, helping hundreds of people heal from various diseases and conditions; however, their unique approach can be discounted if they don’t have a professional, consistent look to their brand.

With the proper education and implementation of a successful branding message, a health and wellness company can reach above their competition to be at the forefront of their local and regional potential clients on social media and the web. Check out an example of me of my wellness clients here.

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