What is a Brand Strategy?

Your brand strategy has several different elements that go into a good brand strategy. To find out what brand strategy is all about, let’s first talk about brand tone.


Brand Tone, The Vibe of Your Brand

To figure out your brand tone, you must first ask yourself, how would an outsider describe your brand’s personality? If you want to find out more about your own personality, send out a survey to your current clients to see their perception of your brand. Does their perception match the character you’re trying to convey? If not, what can you do to create a consistent brand tone for your business or platform?

Your Brand Voice

What should your brand voice sound like when another person is reading your content? Depending on your personality and your business vertical, this can be very different. For example, a brand that prides itself on being fun will have a different verbiage and look than a brand or company that has a more formal brand voice. Find out what brand voice you want for your company and start with that voice when creating content to send out to your followers. 

You want your brand to come across with a consistent brand voice, no matter if a potential client or follower is viewing or reading your information on YouTube, Instagram, or your blog. Having a consistent brand voice lets your consumers and followers know they can depend on you to deliver consistent content.

Qualities and Values of Your Brand

With your brand voice, what qualities and values need to come across when posting on your website or social media? Consider what attributes make your brand unique and different from your competitors. For example, is your brand refined, creative, helpful, or happy?

Having the values and qualities of your brand in your vision and mission statement is also essential. Make sure your qualities and values are in every written and video aspect of your platform so that followers understand who you are and what you’re about!

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