How to Manage and Organize Your Personal Brand

When it comes to your personal brand, you need to get the message out to people you want to connect with to receive speaking gigs, connect with influencers or brands, and land collaborations with other individuals and businesses. 

There are several essential tools you’ll want in your toolbox to have ready so that when you want to share more about you and your company, you can easily send another person inside or outside of your network information to get to know you better to see if you are both a good fit for each other. 

The Importance of Using a Style Guide for Your Personal Brand

Jumping from social media platform to social media platform will give you an endless stream of posts, videos, and micro-blogs to enjoy from everyone you follow. However, are the people who follow you able to recognize your brand whether they are on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube?

If not, it may be that your brand doesn’t have a consistent look. For example, do you have one logo on one platform and a picture of yourself on another? Are your colors consistent and recognizable from your website to your social media platforms?

A Style Guide gives you the basis to pull ideas, colors, and the feel of your personal brand and company, so followers will quickly recognize your platform no matter where they are searching online. Style Guides are critical for creating a consistent message that resonates with your tribe and is well-received across social media channels.


Why You Want to Have a Media Kit for Your Personal Brand

While a style guide tells your voice and style, your media kit is a vital asset to give others the core information they need to see what your personal brand or company is about. For example, how many followers do you have on social media? What magazines or blogs are you published in? Who has interviewed you on podcasts? 

Creating a professional Media Kit to tell who you are and what you’re about is essential to connecting with businesses, especially if you are looking for a collaboration. In addition, sending another person or business your media kit shows them that you’re serious about your business. Finally, it shows that you have a high level of professionalism.


Organization is a Key Skill for Small Business Owners

Have you ever walked into a coffee shop or have worked with a friend and seen their desktop files? While some are organized, I’ve seen many clients who are endlessly searching for a document, audio file, or graphic that they can’t find because they aren’t organized.

While being beneficial to find your files among other uses, organization is vital for the small business owner. Why? When it comes to time management for your business, nothing creates more of a time sink than taking several minutes to find a file. While that may not seem like a significant amount of time using a few minutes here and there to see your work, spending valuable minutes looking for your stored files can really add up over time.

Think about it – if you spend three minutes looking for a file five times a day looking for images you want to post on social media, that’s 15 minutes per day. Multiply that by five days a week you’re working, which equates to 75 minutes a week. Now, when you figure in 52 weeks in a year, you’ve spent 3,900 minutes or 65 hours a year looking for your files!

So, what can you do if you organize your files and now have almost two workweeks of time that you’ve found? It’s incredible how the little pieces of time add up. Now, set aside one to three hours (either all at one shot or during the week) where you spend time organizing your files, creating folders when needed, and deleting files you simply don’t need anymore.

Resist the urge to make a miscellaneous file, which distracts from organizing. Instead, make your folder title encompass more, and make sure to use sub-folders to arrange your work accordingly.

If you are unsure of your file types see this post here 

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