Have you thought about having one day all to yourself with a branding and marketing expert to help you get focused on the most important next step in your business? Would you like to dig deep into your company to find out how to make your message clear and gain more clients with a better niche market?

While mentorships are a good idea, if you want to get down into the nitty-gritty of your business most effectively and efficiently possible, then working together on a VIP Day is the right choice for you and your business! When was the last time you put aside a day in your calendar to work on your business?


Like many small business owners, we trudge along daily working on all the elements and components of our business that we believe we should work on, however; many of us are missing the most essential marketing aspect of our business – are we putting out the right message into the universe to attract the ideal client we want to work with?


What is a VIP Day?

A VIP day is one entire immersive workday where you and an expert will collaborate on your business, looking at who your target audience is, finding out the ins and outs of your business, and discussing what you can do to change the flow of business from slow to whoa!


Because you’re spending an entire day with an expert for a VIP day, you’ll receive the focus and priority of that entire day. When you work with an expert for a day, you receive the most comprehensive overall assessment of your business and learn how to move forward with your business in a better perspective.


This immersive day allows your expert to make intuitive gut responses about what you are now doing and what changes you can make in your business. These changes can create a more succinct business model, along with gaining clarity on what activities you need to place your energy in to get the most ROI for your time investment in your business.


How Does a VIP Day Work?

Use a long-standing Japanese philosophy that has helped the Japanese culture live longer and healthier, I utilize this approach in my personal VIP days with my client. Included in your VIP day, is a personalized approach to who you are as a person working within your business niche. This includes reading your astrology chart, human design, and building your business around your brand personality.


Your VIP coaching is a day that centers around you, then building your business around your personality and how to weave the best aspects of your personality into your business. 

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