When I had my human design reading and found out I was an emotional generator, I quickly figured out the importance of waiting to make business decisions so that I could make those decisions from a neutral state. As an emotional generator, it’s essential to participate in activities that excite me! The more magnetic and energetic I am to the world, and the more I show up in business, the more abundance I can create in my business. Knowing what gates and channels I have open tell me who I am drawn to complete. I partnered with these two fabulous ladies to discover more about my Human Design- Remotely Balanced and Your Cosmic BFF



In addition to being an emotional generator, I use five tools to create an aligned business model. You can also utilize these tools to create an abundant business!

First, however, check out my gift here: 5 Tools to Find Your Authentic Self before you utilize these tools.


Then, once you’ve read and completed the Authentic Self-review, read below how to utilize the tools mentioned below! 


Tool #1: Using Enneagrams to Create Abundance

Aligning with your core values is vital to understand and clarify who you want to provide services to. Also, you’ll want to be clear about your value system when looking for clients that are a good fit. Finally, complete a value check using your Enneagram – do your personal beliefs align with your business values? 


For me: One of the core values for a 9 is external comfort paired with a sense of inner balance; the Peacemaker’sPeacemaker’s ideal lifestyle — and they gladly create this atmosphere through every aspect of their lives. 

So knowing the balance between work and self-care is a big part of my drive and wanting to help others do the same. Clients will gravitate towards me when their shadow self is showing up, and they are cruising through life on autopilot, too self-critical. They cannot carry through with intended plans. We can take a step back on my VIP day and see how to re-align. 

Are you in growth mode? Nines grow when they learn to connect more deeply with their authentic self, prioritize their own desires, and express their wants and needs to other people.


Tool #2: The High 5 Test 

Are you offering too many services? Check to see if you use your skills appropriately in your business. Coaching was one of my top skill sets, and I wasn’t even formally offering to coach. Now coaching is at the forefront of my VIP day. 


Tool #3: Your Love Language 

This is how you interact with others and know how to show up in your business for yourself and your clients. My love language is gifting; I love giving my clients gifts and working on the customer experience. Their gifting offers to clients as well. Also, when celebrating business success, I buy myself a gift. Celebrating yourself and your accomplishments is essential to keeping up your morale. We get caught in it’s never enough, but stop recognizing what you’ve done. 


Tool #4: The Wheel of Life 

Helps you avoid burnout and distractions. Career and Relationships were something that showed up for me in my Wheel of Life. So when investing time and money, I double down in both areas where I wanted to see growth. 


Tool #5: Using Astrology 

My sun sign is Pisces. As such, my attributes as a natural water lover, artistic and creative, and sensitive align with my business working as an artist and service provider.  

In addition to my sun sign being Pisces, my rising sign is Libra. This sign denotes how I present to others which for Libra is balance and harmony. My sun sign naturally gives me the ability to present with empathy, flexibility, and thoughtfulness. Libras are good at inviting others to be themselves and welcoming others to be comfortable in their own skin.

The third sign relevant to being in a state of abundance is the Moon sign. This sign shows compatibility with the clients you attract. Moon energy indicates shared desires, goals, and morals. My moon sign, Cancer, symbolizes working well and drawing in those with the signs of Capricorn, Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo, and Taurus.