At Authentic Edge Design, I believe that your brand is more than just a logo or a set of colors. It’s a reflection of your essence, your mission, and your unique journey. This is why I’ve tailored our Brand Strategy Package to delve deep into the soul of your business, intertwining your personal growth and spiritual essence with the strategic development of your brand. Here’s how I create a brand that truly resonates with who you are and speaks directly to your soul.

Soulful Brand Mission and Vision

I start by uncovering your core mission and visionary purpose—elements that drive and guide your brand’s journey. This isn’t just about where your business is now, but where it can go. By discovering what resonates deeply with you, I help articulate a mission that not only reflects your aspirations but also connects with your audience on an emotional level.

Harmonious Brand Values

I explore your core values, motivations, and strengths using tools like the Enneagram. This isn’t just about listing what matters to you; it’s about weaving these values into every aspect of your brand, from the way you operate your day-to-day to the way you connect with your clients. This creates an atmosphere that is aligned, authentic and feels true to your spirit.

Divine Target Audience

Understanding who you’re speaking to is as important as knowing what you’re speaking about. Through astrology, I align your brand with the natural preferences of your ideal clients. I look at your birth chart data to pull data written in your very own astrological DNA to pinpoint their desires and challenges, ensuring your message reaches those who need to hear it most.

Magnetic Brand Positioning

What sets you apart? I delve into Human Design to uncover your Unique Selling Points (USPs). This cosmic blueprint reveals your inherent gifts and how you can leverage them in your business. It’s about illuminating your unique presence in a crowded space and positioning your brand in a way that truly stands out.

Soul Foundation Story

Every brand has a story, but not every story captures the essence of the brand’s creator. I craft a soulful narrative that ties together your life’s achievements, skills, and pivotal moments, painting a vivid picture of your journey and evolution. This story doesn’t just tell; it connects, inspires, and engages deeply with your audience.


Why is This Important?

Our Brand Strategy Package is more than just a service; it’s a transformative experience that provides the clarity and tools needed to present a coherent and authentic brand to the world. This holistic approach not only differentiates your business but also attracts the right partners, clients, and opportunities. With this foundation, your brand is poised to not only succeed but to make a significant impact.

Knowing yourself frees you up to express yourself authentically and unapologetically, giving you the confidence to make bold decisions that resonate deeply with your audience. By understanding your core values and unique strengths, you’ll embody a consistent message that connects with your clients on a meaningful level. This self-awareness and alignment empower you to build your brand with purpose and clarity, creating a magnetic presence that draws the right opportunities to you.

I am committed to turning your vision into a reality. Whether you are revitalizing an existing brand or launching a new venture, I guide you every step of the way, ensuring that your brand strategy reflects your identity and gives you the platform to thrive in your market.

Embrace a brand strategy that reflects your true self and connects with your audience on a deeper level. Contact us here for a free Discovery call to see if we are a match made in the stars.