Your next chapter begins now. Let’s make it a page-turner.

I’m Bree Swezey, graphic designer and marketing strategist who helps entrepreneurs in the health, wellness, and life coaching spaces design a brand and a business they love. My current and past clients have called me everything from a lifesaver to a Godsend. But my personal favorite? Wingwoman. And now?

I'm your wingwoman. Sent by the universe to help you turn your dreams into action and your vision into an ah-mazing brand.


you’ve got an amazing business idea that’s been brewing for years. You know you need a logo, brand board, business cards and other marketing materials. But where do you even begin (and what is san serif, anyway)?


you’ve been doing this entrepreneur thing as a side hustle for a while, but you’re ready to “go pro.”


the world of Facebook and Instagram gives you panic attacks (and let’s be honest, your graphics and images aren’t exactly share-worthy)


you dream of hosting grand openings, launch parties, seminars, and VIP events, but a Facebook invite or evite just isn’t gonna cut it when it comes to your high standards.


That’s the sound of me, your wingwoman, swooping in to help you get this thing off the ground and out into the world.

 With my proven process, I help you define what makes your brand different (are you more Oprah or  Brené Brown? Jillian Michaels or Kris Carr?), and bring it to life.

From your logo, fonts and colors, to your business card, social media graphics and custom event invitations, clients know you’re the real deal when you invest in your brand presence.

BEST PART: I’ll hold your hand (and be the wind beneath your wings) every step of the way, connecting you with my network of web developers, copywriters and social media managers so you have everything you need to grow your business.

I wish I’d had a wingwoman when I first started building my business a few years ago. Someone to help smooth the transition from corporate world to entrepreneur life.

My journey to entrepreneurship may not be so different from yours.

I always liked my job as a graphic designer and art director. For 15 years, I led brilliant teams and created award-winning designs. Being selected one of Tampa Bay’s rising stars is still one of the most memorable moments in my career.

But deep down, I knew I wanted more. More flexibility for my busy mom-of-two life. More control over my schedule and creative process. More purpose in helping others succeed.

I figured I’d get to it “some day.” After all, I’m still young and healthy — plenty of time to chase my dreams, right?

Then my perfectly healthy mom, my best friend, and “Nana” to my two young boys, was diagnosed with liver cancer. She lost her battle in 2015.

A lot of people describe loss by saying their world was “turned upside down.” I didn’t really understand what that truly meant until then. To this day, my world is not 100% right-side up, and it probably never will be. Losing her made me realize that we actually don’t have all the time in the world, and that made me question and reevaluate everything.

So I made a choice. No more waiting. No regrets. And no more building someone else’s dream.

I made “some day” today. Was it scary? You bet your yoga pants it was. Have I regretted it for one second? Not a chance. I didn’t have all the answers when I first started, but I’ve found my footing along the way.

Since starting my business I’ve helped some amazing business owners, including …

  • an amazing fitness trainer who wanted to grow her reach with powerful social media graphics and strategy
  • an entrepreneur who, like me, lost a parent and decided to make every moment count by taking the leap (and investing in a meaningful logo and branding)
  • a burned-out C-level executive who was finally ready to start the business she’d been waiting to launch for years
  • a cancer survivor who realized now was the time to go into private practice and do it right from day one, with a legit logo

And I can help you do it too.

So how about it? Are you ready?



When I'm not helping business women fly, I'm walking with my mom's wings and volunteering at the Florida Cancer Specialists. This walk I love!