Small Business Design Assessment

If your brochures, digital ads, infographics and social graphics are a collection of mismatched fonts, colors and graphics amassed over the years, it’s time to review, assess, and make a plan for going forward. During my audit process, I’ll take a top-to-bottom, front-and-back look all your current marketing materials both online (web presence & social media) and offline (printed materials, brochures, etc.) and make specific recommendations to make them on-brand and high-converting.

Brand Clarity VIP day

On my Brand Clarity day, I am alongside you to witness and implement everything you will discover in this acute self-awareness journey. Uncovering your authentic self and how you are designed to offer your services and connect with others through your personality, human design, and natural gifts will unlock more flow and abundance in your business. You will walk away with your niched-down services that play to your strengths and the people you are aligned to serve. We need clarity to avoid being stuck in the vicious loops in our heads, trying all the marketing tactics with no payoff in sight.

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Brand Strategy + Logo Design

Your brand identity sets the tone for your entire business. Whether you’re building a new business from the ground up or it’s time for a rebrand, I’ll work one-on-one with you to help zero in on your authentic edge. I take a holistic approach to branding that begins with brand strategy all the way down to your logo, color palette and patterns, to your business and thank-you cards. I’ll make sure every carefully chosen design detail looks and feels unmistakably you.

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