Gain clarity so you can show up feeling fulfilled and Authentic in your business

A VIP Day is the fastest way for burned-out business owners to attain Clarity and Authentic Alignment 

Niche in a Day

I help burned-out business owners niche down to services they are authentically aligned to with clients they adore in order to bring abundance into their business.

Andrejka Hirschegger

"I've been in business for almost 15 years, I thought I kind of knew where I was going and who I was and where my journey as a business owner was going and this day has opened up my mind to a whole new world of possibilities, it was so actionable. Bree gave you the tools to move from where you are to where you want to be."

Say So Long to

Feeling burned out and unfulfilled in your business

Spinning your wheels for far too long trying to find the “right for you” niche 

Feeling lost in who you are and how to position yourself

Looking to pivot away from your current offer and have no idea where to start

Wondering if you should broaden your target market

Feeling like you have no room to do the things you truly love

Trying to figure out how to get unstuck

Say Hello to the Authentic Way

In our day together we will work in these four areas

You will clear out all the mental clutter that stops you in your
tracks and holds you back from tapping into your inner compass.
Once you have silenced the noise, you are primed to receive your
inner wisdom and guidance.

You will discover the makeup of your astrology, personality, and design
to gain an acute sense of self-awareness to access clarity in discovering what you
are good at and who you enjoy working with to align the services you offer and
the people you were meant to serve.

You start to align everything that feeds your passion, values, gifts,
and purpose and lights you up daily while bringing value to other people’s lives.

You will set up your business to flow in alignment with what you
have discovered is your true authentic self, allowing you to be clear with
your messaging and draw in a tribe that will bring abundance.

Everything you need to niche your business down to

something you love that fulfills you.

Bree Swezey

Marketing Wingwoman and Founder of Authentic Edge Design + Co

Bree is the Marketing Wingwoman and Founder of Authentic Edge Design + Co. Every woman needs a wingwoman, whether it helps launching your new business or gaining creative insight and discovering what you were meant to be doing on the road ahead.