Tap into your natural gifts, so you are in sync with your business

The fastest way to move out of feeling stuck in your business and into an aligned, defined purpose-filled brand.  

Niche in a Day

I help burned-out business owners niche down to services they are authentically aligned to with clients they adore in order to bring abundance into their business.

Andrejka Hirschegger

"I've been in business for almost 15 years, I thought I kind of knew where I was going and who I was and where my journey as a business owner was going and this day has opened up my mind to a whole new world of possibilities, it was so actionable. Bree gave you the tools to move from where you are to where you want to be."

Say So Long to

Feeling burned out and unfulfilled in your business

Spinning your wheels for far too long trying to find the “right for you” niche 

Feeling lost in who you are and how to position yourself

Looking to pivot away from your current offer and have no idea where to start

Wondering if you should broaden your target market

Feeling like you have no room to do the things you truly love

Trying to figure out how to get unstuck

Say Hello to the Authentic Way

In our day together we will work in these four areas

You will clear out all the mental clutter that stops you in your
tracks and holds you back from tapping into your inner compass.
Once you have silenced the noise, you are primed to receive your
inner wisdom and guidance.

You will discover the makeup of your astrology, personality, and design
to gain an acute sense of self-awareness to access clarity in discovering what you
are good at and who you enjoy working with to align the services you offer and
the people you were meant to serve.

You start to align everything that feeds your passion, values, gifts,
and purpose and lights you up daily while bringing value to other people’s lives.

You will set up your business to flow in alignment with what you
have discovered is your true authentic self, allowing you to be clear with
your messaging and draw in a tribe that will bring abundance.

Everything you need to niche your business down to

something you love that fulfills you.

Who is this right for?

  • Women who are exhausted to tears and lost in their purpose
  • Women who feel misaligned in their business
  • Women who want time back  to care for others
  • Women who want someone to lead them in a direction with their business to do the things they love
  • Women who have tried talking to a therapist, friends, and family, and joining a mastermind only to discover that they don’t get to the core of the issue, which is self-awareness and aligning with your design*
  • Women who live for their purpose and value their time
  • Women who feel stuck in the wrong place and only getting bandaid solutions but want to let go of the expectations and fear and get to the core of what feels aligned in their business

Hi, I'm Bree

As seen on

Marketing Wingwoman and Founder of Authentic Edge Design + Co

I’m a graphic designer and marketing strategist who helps female entrepreneurs in the health, wellness, and life coaching spaces design aligned business—building a brand that embodies your values and talents while delivering purposeful work you were born to do.

Growing up, I watched my single mother work to the bone to help provide for us. She worked right up until her cancer diagnosis and even through treatments. I would have given anything to get more time back with my late mother. I would have loved to see her working in a capacity she was aligned with and thrived in.

For 15 years, I led brilliant teams and created award-winning designs. Being selected as one of Tampa Bay’s rising stars is still one of the most memorable moments in my career.

But deep down, I knew I wanted more. More flexibility for my busy mom-of-two life. More control over my schedule and creative process. More purpose in helping others succeed. So I launched my own business with only one client. As an empath, I wanted to serve everyone and offer everything, all while burning out and losing the passion I set out with when launching my business.

I saw a need with my branding clients and even myself, feeling lost in offerings and coming up with my ideal client. I knew there was a better way. I fell in love with all the alternative and holistic methods that brought alignment into my life; crystals, aromatherapy, journaling, astrology, human design, and the ikigai philosophy. I enjoy teaching others how to fully embody their business in a purposeful aligned way that naturally flows versus forcing themselves into a hustle comparative culture and burning out.

I am grateful for my flexibility over my schedule and the balance an aligned niched business brings me. I hope to bring this same sense of ease, flow, and clarity to other women who long to have it all – booming business, time with their family, and days off to recharge at the beach.


Get clarity today so that you can get the rest of your business flowing forward tomorrow.

Niche in a Day means you’ll get the fastest amount of growth in the shortest amount of time… here’s how it compares

  • Monthly visits back and forth with bite-size pieces that leave lag time to get stuck in your own head
  • Homework to leave on your own accountability that might not get done
  • Multiple members in different stages, so they don’t really get to know your business
  • Use various methodologies and business practices that might not align with your style or personality
  • Generalized advice that can leave you lost in your head
  • Coaching to your business and not You
Niche in a Day
  • 1 immersive day in a collaborative environment that allows for intuitive gut responses
  • You are my sole focus and priority, so I listen and absorb the ins and out of you and your business
  • Use a long-standing Japanese philosophy that has helped a whole culture live longer and healthier
  • Personalized approach, including your astrology, human design, and personality
  • Coaching that centers around YOU first, then building your business around it

Apply today, no payment will be taken until your day is confirmed.

What will I walk away with?

  • A deep sense of self-awareness and knowledge of what rings true to you to your core so that you can move forward with a business that sustains you.
  • An aligned business where you feel seen and heard bringing a sense of fulfillment.

  • A target market that resonates with your values and personality and you enjoy working with

  • Clear direction in knowing what you love doing and how to incorporate that into your life and business
crystals, aromatherapy kit

💎Personalized Crystal + Aromatherapy Kit

Connect daily with the energy you need to magnify your thoughts and intentions to serve YOU and YOUR individualized purpose.

📋Daily Habit Tracker 

Use this notepad weekly to take stock of what’s lighting you up, what’s draining you, and where you focus your energy and money. These insights can lead to shifts in your business you may need to make. 

🧘‍♀️Custom Chakra Playlist + Yoga 

Keeping yourself grounded in the chakra centers of your Human Design that are open in your chart will create a more balanced and abundant business flow.

✅ Small Business Assessment Workbook 

This workbook gives you the tools to take a high-level look at your current status to see where you need to tweak to create an on-brand and aligned high-converting business.